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Away from the hustle and bustle of Cheapside and Bank is an oasis of calm � as shortly as you step into our town of London beauty parlor you may be welcomed by our warm and friendly reception. 4986

Away from the hustle Associate in Nursingd bustle of Cheapside and Bank is an oasis of calm � as presently as you step into our city of London beauty salon you'll be welcome by our heat and friendly reception. Star Beauty Essence - We ar illustrious for our marvelous beauty treatments from waxing to facials and non-surgical treatments. We�re happy with our glorious treatments and of our experience, but that�s not all � we have a tendency to take your comfort seriously. When you have a treatment with us you can be sure your healer are beautiful and approachable, making you are feeling at home in an exceedingly relaxed atmosphere and delightful setting. Our fantastic team of therapists square measure existing to supply tips and recommendation, however will equally provide you with a peaceful environment if you therefore need. A selection of refreshments will be provideed to you on arrival and we offer magazines if you fancy some lightweight reading whereas you have your treatment. you'll even flick through our bear, Guinot and Dermalogica skin product, or our latest clean Minerals make-up choice, all on show within the reception. We have seven treatment rooms, additionally to 4 manicure desks and a new pedicure chair which will massage your stressed body. we have ample area to accommodate your treatments. each sanatroium is fully equipped with a bed, chair and sink similarly as our product, so once your healer takes you to your area, you can enjoy the privacy of your surroundings. Our beds have Tempur mattresses and electrical blankets to maximise your comfort. we have even fitted soundproof doors to any guarantee peaceful surroundings, tho' sadly we will not guarantee complete silence. We are dedicated to ensuring you allow our salon wanting amazing and feeling soft and recharged. merely relax and revel in the expertise. All of our treatments square measure bookable on-line therefore if you're in a very rush, maybe back to work or to complete off shopping, you'll be able to book your repeat treatments at a time and place convenient to you. We realise you are busy so we usually email questionnaire following your treatment, as we continuously strive to improve � as well as find out what we are doing well. Have a look at our Twitter & Facebook pages to see what our clients say about us.
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